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educate me deac ^_^
red: maybe on this 120mhz **** puter i wouldnt dare try to run word and IE at the very same time, btw...

Ravan: "I Have discussed with Ivan on this, He has no plans on re-locating the second Crimson Star to Couresant. Currently the Crimson Star II is running by remote operation, on coded frequencies, to have droid repair and run it, til proper re-fitting and re-crew has arrived there. Also it'll be used to increase our military needs incase we need to defend ourselfs."

Fourth Councilman: "How do we know that it won't be used agenst us by Councilman Ivan Cracern?"

Ravan: "Yet again, he may be an Old General, but at least he knows Loyalties are... And thats with this Council..."

Fifth Councilman: "How about our intelligence reports?"

Marcus: "Don't worry, I will look into that myself..."

Fifth Councilman: "How?"

Marcus: "I have a few people in mind..."

Sixith Councilman: "Councilman Ravan, Isn't it true taht you were once with the Republic, and also a Jedi?"

Ravan: "Yes, I was trained fully to become a Jedi..."

Fourth Councilman: "So how do we know that you won't take power over us now, or even that, ally yorself with Ivan, seeing that you two usualy are partners with most decisions..."

Ravan: "Again, no Ivan is not making plans to get power over the Council, nor am I going to help him, NOR have I ever made the motions to ever persuade any of you in mine or Ivan's favor. No I am not like Cracken. I was sent to kill him, but..." *Shrugs, looks around.* "I made freinds, And raised in ranks in the Empire, and Now here I am, with out my powers... Ironic?" 'At least I didn't get killed eariler...'

Marcus: "Aw great..."


*The shuddle lands, and the Red Haired Irvine turns and starts walking towards the shuddle... White Haired Irvine follows... Neither of them speak...*


*While in transit. Two SSD's are in hyperspace carring supples and crew for the CS:II*

Officer: "So, we are going to refit a Second Crimson star, huh?"

Someone who to re-crew CSII: "Yep, thats what I heard... I worked on the first one. I managed to get shore leave before it got blown up..."

Officer: "You don't say?"
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