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The End

*Retrick senses the soul crystal*

Retrick: I have no further interest in you...

*Retrick runs at great speed to Elveron's tomb. Starfor throws down Starkiller and holds out the faux crystal*
[And here's the ending...]
Starfor: I cannot win. Take it. Spare us.

Retrick: Fool. Do you think I'm stupid. I will crush al-gahhg!

*Retrick falls to the ground, the Axe of Healing burning through his evil flesh. Jorvak, mortally wounded stands behind him*

Jorvak: It was an honour, Starfor...

*Jorvak collapses*

In the final sacrifice, Jorvak Highhammer saved our world of Mrear again. They buried him in Elveron's tomb, by Elveron, his old friend, awaiting Ragnarok. Eventually, Starfor would join them.
Time would march on, good an evil with it. But the learned knew that when all seemed hopeless, that one would come to stand against evil...The Starkiller...

*In the distance, a hawk crows...*

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