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...Seeing the folly of opposing the missionaries of the Creator, the neighbouring worlds of Slantar, Anost and Unari soon bowed to the True Faith. Purged of blasphemers and heretics, they formed the main command node of the First Crusade...

Exempt from the teachings of the Legion

...Awed and subdued by the sheer scale of this senseless genocide, the three other populated planets of the system pledged surrender to the rebel scum. Their pleas were answered with a full scale ´ethnic cleansing´ that resulted in the deaths of over 50,000,000,000 innocents, to clear the way for those who had thoughtlessly destroyed their own home world...

Exempt from a CGC propaganda broadcast

Even after eleven hours of sleep, Calina felt ready to drop, as she entered the debriefing room. In it sat twenty-two Templar in their black battle outfit several with field dressings like her own. Effectively the uniform doubled as clothes, as it didn’t in any way hamper movement.
Calina wondered if she would learn whom to thank for the field dressings of her wounded arm and leg. She had the idea that it was the same person who had placed her in her bed.
Something felt amiss, she found. Or out of place perhaps. She felt that there was something wrong with the debrief, even before it had started. Then Paladin Thosar entered, and began talking: “As you will surely have seen, brothers Dlane, Keran,...” he began. It was the names of the fallen that were recited.
Suddenly Calina knew what had been wrong. Had she been more awake she would have realised. The shock was almost too much for her, and in her weakened state it was a stoic show of will that she did not begin to cry. Dlane was dead. Othkal Dlane, the only person that she had had left. After the incident at Sontal anyway.
She struggled to dismiss the thought. The Templar in her told her that it was to be expected. After all, it was against the doctrines to get involved with other Templar. But that was the rigid, empty shell that was just going through the routines of battle, devotion and downtime that made up most of the Templar life. Another part of her stirred against those notions. The part of her that felt that mourning was justified. That she had loved him.
“... And they shall be entered into the Book of Martyrs. Their names be praised.” With these words the Paladin finished his account of the casualties. To him, nothing more than a routine. He then proceeded to commend those who had played an important part in the battle, but even as Calina’s name was called out she struggled to contain memories that she wished she could ignore.
As the painfully long debriefing finally reached its conclusion, the other Templar on the craft were called into the room. Apparently they had known of this, as they stood ready outside the door.
Again the Paladin spoke: “The information extracted in the last raid has already proven itself to be worth the effort of acquisition. A heathen belly-ship, carrying the heretics who are too fearful to face our just purification, plans to leave the planet that we are currently orbiting.”
It is heading for the inner planet of this system, which serves as the main communications relay for the region. It is imperative that this planet is cleansed of the unworthy presence before we launch our holy crusade to liberate the rest of the system. Without this brain, their pitiful ´warriors´ will be lost and confused.”
To accomplish this cleansing we shall need to get inside the capitol of the planet, for that is where the blasphemers have chosen to place their command centre. The most viable option available to us is to commandeer the belly-ship and use it to transport our holy warriors.”
As it will be expected, and contains the correct identification codes within its computer systems, it should be able to bypass the city’s considerable defences. The operation will commence in ten standard hours. Get some rest before this. You are dismissed.”
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