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...But the unworthy unbelievers that called their pathetic ´union´ a ´republic´ would not cease to oppose their destinies. Their corrupted craft set out to kill the servants of the Creator. In an act of unprecedented evil they bombarded every standing structure on Anost with their heathen nuclear weapons...

Exempt from the teachings of the Legion

...Although the fanatical terrorists that made up the so-called Legion were prepared to give up their lives for there ´faith,´ and proved so by sending their run-together of lowlifes into our proud cities carrying nuclear warheads, the CGC would not be scared into surrendering to such vile foes. Thus three thousand starships with firepower equivalent to that which had destroyed Ecrast set out for the system that had been infected with the taint of religion...

Exempt from a CGC propaganda broadcast

“I wonder why we had to go through all this trouble getting info about the ship, commandeering it and all,” Ina said.
“You heard the Paladin; it’s the easiest way in. Besides, we’re soldiers. Wondering isn’t what we are supposed to do. We should just obey,” Calina replied. They were on their way to their quarters to get the rest that the Paladin had recommended. Calina needed it the most, but Ina knew that the next operation would be outside the normal day rhythm, meaning that she too would need to rest now.
“Also... I’m sorry,” Ina said.
“For what?” Calina’s reply was as sharp as a drawn knife. She had the feeling that she would be able to answer her own question.
“For your loss.”
“What do you know of it?”
“There is no need to get upset. I didn’t tell anyone. But sometimes I think that you are forgetting that I, too, am a Templar. And we sleep in the same room. Given that, how could I possibly fail to notice.”
“Now I’m the one who is sorry. I underestimated you and I apologise for that.”
“No need for that either. You just got emotional and lost your head. You didn’t seem like a worse soldier for it, so I didn’t report it. I know that it’s wrong to make such decisions myself, but it seemed right.”
“Thanks. I owe you one.”
“Let’s say that we’re even for the Alexander incident. You pulled my bacon out of that fire.”
The hint of a smile crossed Calina’s lips.
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