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...Hugely outnumbered by the vile heretics, our noble fleet suffered horrendous casualties, but still it fought on against this tide of villainy, driving it from the system, and preparing for a second crusade...

Exempt from the teachings of the Legion

...Having dealt a harsh blow to the ´Faithful,´ the fleet pulled back, leaving a trail of burning enemy craft in its wake...

Exempt from a CGC propaganda broadcast

The boarding action was almost over by any account. There was nothing that the blasphemers could do at that point. All information of redeployment of personnel over the loudspeakers had been replaced by the crew’s yelling of each and every curse, swearword and obscenity in their vocabulary.
This either meant that the bridge no longer had knowledge of the defenders’ whereabouts, much less control of their movements, or that they had found some other way of communicating with them. Calina was ready to bet real money that the former was the case.
She got into a habit of shooting every second loudspeaker she came across, as this would still allow for any intelligible communications to reach the intruders. She doubted that any would.
Then suddenly three guards jumped on the invading Templar. One was carrying a pistol that he had ´salvaged´ somewhere, but the other two were armed solely with their Enforcer Rods. While the stunning electrical shock generated by these weapons was more than enough to pacify unruly passengers, they were insufficient against any ranged weapons.
It took but one volley of shots from the Templar to fell the three men. As Calina ran past the bodies lying facedown on the floor, she picked up the firearm. It was the only weapon that posed a threat to the team. ‘That was almost unfair,’ she thought. ‘They didn’t have a chance.’
The notion had just touched the edge of her mind, but she found it surprisingly hard to kick. Not that they had had worse chances than anyone else who had ever faced the Templar. ‘Still,’ Calina thought, ‘I’ve never been in a fight with anyone who couldn’t even reach us or fire on us.’
Then the team breached the first cargo hold. Ina and two others had been instructed to stay at the door, to look to it that no-one else entered or escaped. The civilians stowed in the hold barely noticed the Templar whom they thought were merely another guard patrol. All communications had evidently been shut off from them to avoid mass panic.
Two dozen refugees dropped from the first volley. Fear began to run rampant through the ranks. Some fell on their knees or bellies, begging for mercy. As the second volley was fired, the civilians realised that they were doomed, and pure terror took over the mass.
‘This isn’t almost unfair,’ Calina realised as the horrified faces of a thousand doomed humans were turned towards their attackers. ‘This is downright unfair.’
Each of the pitiful faces was contorted into a mask of terror so profound and indescribable that it clawed on Calina’s mind. She felt physically sick. On each of the frightened faces was a pleading look, but it was painfully clear to everyone that no-one would be spared. Calina tried to shut out the faces of the men, women, and children, who were going to be cut down like grass before a scythe. She failed. Miserably.
By the time the third volley was fired Attica Calina, Templar of the Creator, was cowering in a corner, trying in vain to escape from the horror that would haunt her dreams for months to come.
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