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...Then, as the followers of the True Faith threw the shackles of the corrupt CGC yoke into the dust along with its thugs, a second fleet set out to free the galaxy of this putrid taint...

Exempt from the teachings of the Legion

...Despite the best effort of the CGC these criminals achieved domination of several worlds, and caused others to be weakened severely. Riots and rebellions against our just regime broke out on a score of worlds, and though our competent police and military put down most of these foolish acts of insanity, the infection had grown too strong on some planets...

Exempt from a CGC propaganda broadcast

Calina worked her way through the beck alleys of Tirhen City with ease, despite the civilian clothes that the Templar were forced to wear. She had decided that they definitely weren’t made for moving around in already when she had first inspected them.
But it would have been far more difficult to move around if she was to be stopped and asked about her funny outfit every time she was seen. Besides, it would have been hard to conceal the demolition charge she carried.
She noted that the area she entered was more heavily patrolled than the previous. She figured that it was more important. She sensed something wrong. Something that wasn’t as it should have been. Calina realised that it had been that way all the time, only she was now getting close enough to the objective that it would be bad if she was to be sniffed out by some CGC scout.
It took a while before she could put her finger on what was wrong. Then she realised that another Templar was following a route close to her. That wasn’t supposed to be. She recalled all the paths that were to be used. Not one other than the one she used was that close. ‘Perhaps someone made a mistake,’ she thought. ‘I’d hate to be in his shoes when I catch up with him.’
Calina decided to veer from her designated route. She knew that it was against doctrines and that, if anyone found out, she would be punished for it. But she also knew that whoever it was behind her, he might call attention to himself and if he did she rather wouldn’t be around.
She cut the way short through an open warehouse, but the other Templar seemed to also divert from his path, as if he followed her. But that notion was nonsense. If the Paladin had distrusted her she would have been in chains in front of her own brethren for it a long time ago.
She also had more pressing things to concern herself with. Such as getting into the power plant looming before her. She realised that her shortcut had been much more effective than she could have hoped.
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