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...But the heretics had known of our coming and decided to murder many millions of people rather than letting them join our pure cause. So evil and villainous are they...

Exempt from the teachings of the Legion

...With the new Legion fleet approaching something had to be done fast unless they were to recruit their mad followers on the planets corrupted by rebellions. Every planet judged unfit to withstand the onslaught was bombed flat, to prevent the traitors on them from joining their ´masters.´ Thus did treason doom a dozen worlds...

Exempt from a CGC propaganda broadcast

Having slipped into the building, Calina now faced the difficult part: Getting the explosive placed and primed and sounding the warning klaxons. That was the signal for all Templar in the city to Jump back to the Battleship in orbit over the planet. And then of course the Jump itself. She decided that she would worry about the Jump when the klaxons sounded.
‘Knowing the watch plans for the entire city is a big help here,’ she thought. ‘I bet I’d have run into a score of guards by now if I hadn’t known where they would be at what time.’ Apparently the PDF hadn’t worried about checking if their system had been compromised. If they had known, the whole place would have been full of the blighters.
Calina came up on the door to the reactor monitoring room. In there was the reactor core, along with the warning system that should be used if there was a danger of overheats. She knew that there were other warning systems for citywide alert, but that mattered little. What did matter, however, were the two green clad guards posted inside the room.
Knowing that she would have to deal with them before the next patrol swept the passage that she was standing in, she made a daring move. Bursting through the door she ducked a shot from the first guard and ran towards him. In a swift move she grabbed his wrist and squeezed. Holding him upright to shield her from the other, she picked up the gun that he had dropped.
“Put him down!” the other guard was shouting at her. “Put him down or I will fire on you.”
“You should have fired when you had the chance,” whispered Calina as she snapped of a precise shot at the threatening guard’s chest. As she dropped the one that she was holding and knocked him unconscious she noticed the microphone in his uniform.
‘So,’ she thought, ‘those two were just put to make sure that the others would be alert of any trouble. Clever, clever.’
The door behind her burst open. Calina turned, gun in her hand, ready to greet the intruder with a deadly rain of fire. The only thing that kept her from instinctively shooting the form in the door was the fact that she sensed another Templar nearby.
Recognising Ina at first sight, Calina lowered her weapon. “By the Creator! It was you at my heels all the time. Why did you follow me? Never mind. Unless we do something we’ll get company really soon.”
“But how?”
“Destroy the panels to the blast doors. They are defaulted to shut off the reactor core and we are on the right side. Move!”
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