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...Even this gross act of violence could not prevent our rightful ascension. Though many believers were lost, the feeble CGC forces could not prevent us from acquiring their worlds for resource extraction...

Exempt from the teachings of the Legion

...The legion attacked in force. An entire system was burned to the ground for remaining loyal to their rightful masters, and the Legion started raping the captured worlds of what resources remained...

Exempt from a CGC propaganda broadcast

Between the two of them they managed to get all the doors jammed before any ´company´ arrived to spoil the party.
‘Ironic,’ Calina thought. ‘Those doors are designed to keep out intruders, if what the Paladin told us is true. And now the intruders are using them to keep out guards.’
“Hurry!” Ina’s word brought Calina out of her reverie. “We have to get done here before they access an override.”
“What is going on here,” a frightened voice asked. The guard had awoken.
“That is of no consequence to you,” Calina replied bluntly. That wasn’t entirely true, but there was no use bothering him in his last minutes.
“Who the [insert fourletter-word here] are you?”
“Don’t bother!” Ina looked ready to back the threatening tone in her voice.
“What is it that you want? Money? Politics? Don’t tell me it’s...” his voice trailed off at the thought.
“I told you to shut,” Ina said, more menacing than ever.
“Just tell him,” Calina interrupted. “We’re Legionaries, and we’re here to purify this sinful place.”
“But why? Why?” Calina realised that she had heard that voice before. Thoughts flooded her mind, and she turned away from the whimpering figure.
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