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...Thus did the Second Crusade end. It was a victory most glorious and will not soon be forgotten...

Exempt from the teachings of the Legion

...For a time the ´holy´ madmen of the Legion rested to lick their wounds. But we did not lapse in vigilance, so by the time that they were ready to start killing innocents again, we were waiting for them...

Exempt from a CGC propaganda broadcast

All over the city klaxons began to wail. Panic spread like wildfire. The Templar operatives in the city concentrated on the long Jump before them, and begun to vanish. Then, in a cataclysmic explosion Power Plant IO/352 ruptured and in a faction of a second the entire population of two thousand millions disappeared.
Two centuries of human life reduced to a pile of dust. Untold thousands of civilians were instantly vaporised, trying to find shelter from what they perceived as a normal emergency situation. They were all dead by the time several mushroom shaped clouds, from the detonating power plants, graced the sky.
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