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...And now, as our just Legion sees the dawn of the next century, we stand with will undiminished, faith uncorrupted, and armies unmatched.

Exempt from the teachings of the Legion

...But remember that the valiant forces of the CGC stand ever watchful, ready to protect any good citizen of the Republic.

Exempt from a CGC propaganda broadcast

“What is your name by the way?” the guard asked. He was dressed in a loose, green uniform with a cap of the same colour. His eyes were emerald but his face tan. More so than the rest of the people in the city, Calina noted. He was about 1.6 metres with fair hair and a friendly face. At least it was friendly when he wasn’t shocked out of his wits like he was now.
“Calina.” She seemed as cold and unmoved as ever. Only the redness of her eyes hinted at the pain within her soul.
“Mine’s Jhonsson. Martin Jhonsson. Private in the most praised CGC army. Subdivision PDF Ranost/Tirhen/49-386. Servant until death and dog soldier of the so-called Republic of Valdra. Valdra is the capital world,” he added, remembering that Calina had probably never heard of it.
“Why so-called?”
“It’s a big thing this Republic. Composed of 96 colonised star systems as opposed to the Legion’s seven. There are some 500 colonised worlds and more than treble that count of moons. With such a huge system it’s easy for a few billion votes to be ´lost´ during elections. The CGC, that’s the Central Govern...”
“I know that. Go on.”
“Well the CGC controls the media, the police, the military, the courts, and most of the politicians. It is a public secret that one man in fifty is hired by the CGC to give them information on troublemakers. By the way... You friend called you Atti?”
“My first name is Attica, but that is of no importance.”
“Attica. That’s a pretty name.”
“Concentrate on getting us to that port.” If she was amused by the transparent flattery she didn’t show it.
The streets were as empty as everywhere else. At regular intervals were placed shelters for emergency situations. The klaxons still sounded. Soon teams would be dispatched to the site where the alarm had been raised to check if everything was clear. There was no evidence of panic anywhere. No rash acts of desperation. For all the two in the vehicle could see the people of the city could have vanished instantly.
Calina wondered briefly what would happen if they ran into any of the decoy personnel, but guessed that they had been evacuated with the rest and wouldn’t be let out until some sort of all-clear reached the shelters.
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