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...Trying to enlighten the heathen with words is like trying to bring light to the bottom of a sea by throwing down a torch...

Exempt from the teachings of the Legion

...The Legion does not know the meaning of surrender. They cannot be bargained with or bribed. All they know is force and that is how they should be subdued...

Exempt from a CGC propaganda broadcast

As the pair arrived at the port they saw that it, too, was deserted. While not in itself a problem, it presented them with certain difficulties. Namely how to find, fuel, and pilot a craft. Jhonsson seemed to have an idea of how to handle that. He went to the nearest shelter and logged onto a comm-link. The voice on the inside asked what was going on.
“We have a breach in the outer wall. But that is not of consequence. What is important is that the lunar station has run into trouble with their gun emplacements. Assistance has been requisitioned, so we’re sending up a team.”
“Why do they want our folk? Haven’t they got their own?” the voice asked cautiously.
“How the [insert fourletter-word here] should I know. They just picked up the phone and called us, so up we go. We need a pilot to fly us though, so if you’ve got one, tell him to get his behind from the seat and into a rad-suit and get out here.”
“Who are you?”
“Private 49-386.”
The comm shut down. A few moments later a young woman in a rad-suit exited through the airlock. She froze as she saw that none of the other two wore suits.
‘The boy knows his way around here,’ Calina thought. ‘If he is as good in a fight we will make a strong team.’ To the woman she said: “You will be frightened by this. Within the week this whole world will be scorched earth. There is nothing that we can do about it, but we can get your bacon out of the firing line. We’ll need a shuttle capable of making it to the neighbouring system and someone to fly it.”
The woman looked almost too terrified to move. “I cannot fly that kind of craft without aid,” she said. “And besides, I’ve got a husband and child here.”
“Jhonsson, get everyone out of the shelter. Can we take them all with us?”
“There is room for fifty and supplies for a month in a shelter. Any craft capable of intersystem travel will be able to take it.”
The shelter was full. Between them the refugees succeeded in ´acquiring´ a craft and stocking it with enough supplies to make the trip. They weren’t bothered by anyone, as no all-clear had been sounded.
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