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Name - Jon Adamson
Call Sign - nova_wolf or Nova Lead
Race - Human
Born - Corellia
Age - 32
Occupation - Lead pilot for 12 strong Custom B-Wing unit Nova Squadron
Rank - Commander

"Born on Corellia into a family of interceptor pilots for the Rebel Alliance, and now New Republic, I broke the mould when I joined to fly the notoriously edgy B-Wing. Because of my adeptness at the controls of this vessel, it was asked that i be checked for Force traits. I was indeed Force sensitive.
I am not a full Knight, and never do I intend to be. I haved trained, and have proven to be Jedi of active skills. Force agility, saber skills, sense and Force TK are my forte. Healing and mind skills are poor with me.
I also show exceptional technical expertise, much like Anakin Solo. This I used when I designed my custom B-Wing White Witch, my canine droid Flash and my lightsabre.
Still with Republic Fighter Command, I have risen to the rank of Commander, and unlike others, stuck there. I saw how pleased Antilles was with his promotion, so stayed put!
Now I am commanding officer of a 12 strong unit of 12 custom designed and built B-Wings - faster, sleeker, deadlier - better able to truely handle any situation, as the B-Wing was intended."

Tends to be thought of as the 'Solo of Fighter Command', his demeanour around others seen as brash and often impatient, with a wicked sense of humour and unusual love of tinkering with his ship. only with nova_wolf, it tends to work first time!

6'1" tall,
Blue eyes,
Short, thick brown hair,
Toned athletic build (due to jedi excercises) - Looks right proportions - not skinny at all,
Usually unshaven,
Found either wearing a B-wing pilot's flightsuit or black smugglers outfit w/ cream shirt.

Dual Bladed Saber that splits purposfully in to two single sabers. Blades are ion blast blue due to my interest in B-Wings.
Custom B-Wing - White Witch which has built in astromech called Salem who is capable of full speech as well as standard astromech tasks.
Custom Blaster - DH-LL w/ scope. Standard smugglers pistol with improved power and far greater accuracy.

Jan - Force Sensitive (Healer) who flys the MC10 Manta Ray Gunship Dragon,
Member of the Smugglers Alliance.


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