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FT2 for console

I'm sorry they shut down the X-Box thread, because I wanted to respond.

I, for one, am GLAD that FT2 is for the console, and I'll tell you exactly why: Cruise over to the other thread about trying to get the original Throttle to work on a modern PC-- with patches, and ScummVM, and all sorts of total b.s. Do you think most people want to fool with all that PC-related garbage? NO!!! We just want to throw the game in the console and go...

That's the beauty of consoles, no muss, no fuss. I love it. I love knowing that the game will be all optimized for the particular console and the controls will be thought out and I won't have any freeking compatability issues. Jeezuz! PLUS, since consoles are so popular, maybe more and more people will get into Throttle. Wouldn't that be awesome?

And let me just say this: GAMING IS NOT ABOUT POLYGONS. Who CARES how many polygons are on the screen, if the game sucks? If you can't get good titles for your console, you have a $199 boat anchor.

I'm not saying the X-Box is worthless, not at all. But please. It's not about polygons, or technology. It's about having a wide assortment of excellent titles-- and right now, that's the PS2, hands down.

If it was only about technology, why would anyone ever buy a GameBoy?
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