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*Admiral, fine, not important anyway.*

*The sleek fighter lands.*

*The Assassin debarks his ship and heads towards the two Ivrines.*


*Flax sits in his office, his older son stands infront of him.*

Flax: Your report, Colonel.

Hal: Sir, my recon squad scouted the area around the CSII. The Station is being readied for deployment. Its not as big as the origional, but its still bigger than a Death Star.*

Flax: Collonel Katarn will recover the plans soon. Then we'll find out where that loose armor plate is and blow the thing to hell!

Comm: Sir, Collonel Katarn has been captured, we recieved his beacon moments ago.

*Double take.*

Flax: WHAT!!??!!

Hal: Shall I....

Flax: Have my fighter readied.

Hal: Yes sir.

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