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NO MP!?!?!? It cant be true!!!

I thought LA had been spending all this year so far implementing MP!! And now, I go and read the Gamecenter preview and it says, midway down the 2nd page "As with most adventure games, Infernal Machine is single-player only, with no multiplayer component--so don't expect to play an Indy deathmatch.
" This cant be true, can it? please say it aint so!!!
I was hoping for MP soooo much! If LA fails to implement mp, they are foolish! Al of there games that had good MP, suceded, and did very well! Namely: Jedi Knight, MotS.
Heck people still buy those now, they are 2 years old!! (At least JK is
I thought on the LA press release they said that there would be DeathMatch and Co-Op, but Co-op was later cancelled....please any info would be nice!

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