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battledog, I don't remember me giving the CSII a loose plate of armour ^_^

how ever when it is still not 100% completed, theres still a large area where the asteroid what it was built from, still exsists.

Kur: "Um, Deac, Orthos? I believe that the this matter should be solved a while later... I think the main course of action is to get out of here!"


*The Two Irvines ablivous to the landed fighter, they continue to walk, finally reaching the Transport shuttle...*

*RH Irvine notices that he has a comrade piloting the craft...*

RH Irvine: "Sir'Gui Chi'Rin! We must talk now!"

*With out the fellow Jedi seeing the doublcate Irvine, the two speak privately...*

*RH Irvine allows his mask to come undone for a breif moment, to show whom he is...*

Sir'Gui Chi'Rin: "Irvine, I feel the one that I was spoke of who is here... Wow, his power is large..."

RH Irvine: "I know. But I have a bad feeling about him... How's Kur?"

Sir'Gui Chi'Rin: "He heard we tried to go agenst Lokpehit some time ago, He hasn't reported in..."

RH Irvine: "Yeah, he shouldn't have gone alone. We'll deal with that... I just had a change of plans, we might as well go after Lokpehit, no one else is going to help..."

Sir'Gui Chi'Rin: "How about the rest of us?"

RH Irvine: "Don't know yet... If they are around, they'll show up..."

Sir'Gui Chi'Rin: "What about..."

RH Irvine: "Don't worry about it..." *Walks back to his counterpart...* "So, we had a change of plans, That big destoryer with that super weapon aimed at couresant, it has a person called Lokpehit aboard..."

WH Irvine: "We know about him. He's been getting annoying lately..."

RH Irvine: "Good, thats the spirit! We're going after him." '[i]he's on the threshold of of crossing over into dark territory, if he crosses, It'll be bad of the galaxy, real bad..."

WH Irvine: "Good. So now I don't have to beat your ass in mid flight to take that ship and ram it into Lokpehits ass!"
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