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The feud between Kejim Risheron and K'Warra K'laar continued for some time after the incident on Mrear. The feud culminated in a final battle that raged across the heavens, a battle in which neither emerged the victor. K'Warra disappeared for a time after this event. Years later, Arthur Green and Kejim parted ways, Arthur having completed all the training and mastered the instruction that the wizard could offer.

Kejim and K'Warra would meet only once again, and not as enemies.

Arthur joined England's armed forces and was eventually made a knight. He lived through many adventures over many years, until K'Warra showed up again to settle the grudge between them from Arthur's days as a thief.

Both warriors had grown immensely in power since that time, but K'Warra was still the superior.

The two battled above the Castle Green. The castle was devastated in the process, and Arthur was mortally wounded. The castle laid in ruins...with Arthur's wife and daughter buried under it. Only Arthur's infant son survived.

K'Warra had never before killed an innocent, and the guilt of what he had done began to eat at him, guilt he could not manage to squelch. The guilt grew until it nearly overwhelmed him...and the gargoyle who once wished for immortality now wished for death.

It was at this time that Kejim Risheron appeared again for the first time in twenty years to enact K'Warra's punishment. His punishment would not be to die...but to live. As penance for his actions, he would become the guardian of Arthur's surviving son and all of his descendants, protecting them forever until the last one died. Then, and only then, would K'Warra finally rest.

The Cauldron of Life as well as its unique and dangerous contents disappeared off the face of the Earth. They were not found in the ruins of Castle Green, and it is not known what Arthur did with them. Many treasure hunters have been convinced Arthur hid them, and some even thought they knew where to find them. But no one ever did. Most now believe the secret died with Arthur...

...or did it?

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