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hey...just downloaded the mod...I love it...there's a few things that could use tweaking though (take these with a grain of salt though...testing done with bots since I cant find a server that runs MOTF yet...if anyone has one please post it!) Blue stance is WAYY to powerful in MOTF...just throw saber once or twice to drain dodge and then run up and n00b away...1-3 hits and person goes stance is exact opposite...way too weak because the other person dodges your hits and since you cant unleash a madd furry of attacks then they seem to never loose their dodge meter enuf to hit them...not really sure how to balance these things out...but I'm sure you'll think of somethin' also...crossbow seems useless completely now since everytime you dodge it makes you stop firing your weapon like the it kinda never fires if you get shot at alot...umm...other than that I havent noticed too many things...other than the Darth Sidious bot I have loves to n00b spam the lightning hehe...kinda appropriate...but thats off topic...keep up the good work...I might become completely addicted (still love runnin' around with maul with dual saber and tryin to kill yoda's hehe...) l8rz!
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