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becasue it's handheld and portable (play on the bus, train, ni the car whatever) but anyway, i for one,like playing games on my PC, btu that's just me. people may agree, people may not. consoles have advantages of PC's, PC's have advantages of consoles (gameplay is faster with shortcut keys, the average keyboard has about 100 different keys with options of combinations, the average gamepad for a PS or PS 2 has about 10-15). also, computers vary, so some may be able to render graphics much better than a PS with a simple upgrade, with the PS2, you are stuck with the graphics that come with the console.

also, ben whathisname closed the last topic on his note of "i have a pc, i think they better blah blah blah..." i would just like to say that the closest i come to owning a console is my play station emulator on my PC which i don't even use anymore. it's PC all the way for me (PC games are relativly cheaper also)

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