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((OSS: Can I just ask, when did Red Ivrine train to be a jedi? I mean last I checked he was a smuggler then a member of the Imperial council, so could someone clear this up? Especially since his posts are so bitty.))

*Deep in seperatist territory.*

Flax: Red group, fire at will.*

*10 min later* So, thats that works out at 7 kills each. They just don't get any better.

*30 min later.*

*Having stormed the base, recovered the plans, and Katarn the Squad is about to depart.*

Hal: Gunboats, 6 marks at 34!

Flax: I'll take 'em, you jump out.

*Squad jumps.*

*Just then a gravity well picket pins Flax' fighter in realspace. An Ion cannon catches his fighter, disabling his engines.*

*Some time later.*

Flax: Ugh!

Gaurd: You can go in here, with the rest of the rebel scum!

Flax: morning lads, nice to see you Deac, lookin' good for a dead guy.

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