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Battledog: brief history: When Irvine was very young, he had been recorded to have a quite a high midichrolon count. and when Cracken was bringing into the Imperials, Irvine with his mother (and maybealys depending on what cracken says) to live in secreticy, Im basically deciding what happens with this point honestly. Like the ship that was transporting Irvine, alys and thier mother got attacked, alys managed to escape in an escape pod, and raised to be an assasin or mercnary, what ever.

and Irvine and his mother was presumed dead. So they cloned Irvine, and records were altered so that it appeared that he was just born. He was adopted by Ivan's sister, whom where living on Raynor, the same planet that Ken'atra grew up on. And Irvine still kept his father's name.
How ever, the real Irvine was rescued by jedi, and among other pracular high leveled children in the same age were trained to become Jedi in a secret location where they powers when they were developing where naturaly blocked. They all had a head teacher, Master Chi...

while RH Irvine was growing up to become a Jedi. The WH Irvine contracted a desease which one of the symptoms is that the infacted loses pigment in hiar, and eyes. (I just added that (eyes)^_^) WH Irvine survived this desease all because of his natural midichrolon count, how ever due to the fact that he is a clone, his natural power isnt as high as the original.

When WH Irvine grew up, Ivan had him to be trained for the Empire, when the CS I was being built, Ivan ordered WH Irvine to oversee and report on the construction of the second. Then c8 started ^_^
So there are two Irvine's the one that blew up the CSII and was in the Imperial Council WAS WH Irvine. Thats why RH Irvine and should be everyone else who can sense force pwoers, should be in awe that WH Irvine is not longer hiding the bulk for his power, and should be flet quite a bit aways...
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