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Control Issues

I was at first disappointed with the Tomb Raider-like controls which I have always hated. The main fault of that game was having to be extra cautious going round corners. One's character is exposed to side attacks that one cannot see. It's a very lame situation made doubly worse by the fact that TR's controls are too awkward for effective melee combat. Jumping around flailingly while shooting? Come on. Indy aviods this mostly by not surprising you too badly, especially in the fashion I described. The shift-turn is a welcome addition too. Still there are three problems, at least in the demo: 1) When Indy comes to a stop an animation is innitiated which you must wait through. If you turn immediately after stopping this is not true, but wait a fraction of a second and you'll lose control of Indy for half a second. This is irritating! 2)The large block you move in the first room (just like in TR) requires you to line up to it just right. Why make it so difficult? Objects on the ground are too alignment sensitive as well. And then the animations could be sped up. 3) Alignment issues are compounded by the lack of side-steping. In Tomb Raider, when one wasn't quite under the correct portion of a ledge, strafing allowed them to adjust this (if painfully slowly). Indy has side-steping, per se, but it hardly seems to work! Indy will only side-step when that direction is wide open. Perhaps the demo is still buggy, but I found it impossible to side-step when it would actually be useful. There is a similar problem with jumping. Try jumping forward at a wide angle into a wall: nothing happens. It's very frustrating when the buttons seem to just stop working. 4)Forget side-stepping, it's painfully slow. Why not just have straffing? I understand that 3rd person games, un-like 1st peson games, don't like to have unrealistic movement. This implies that one can't fly in every direction like one does in Quake without momentum. Momentum in Tomb Raider means stopping animations. But surely strafing while moving forward and backward could be integrated into the animation models. It would be incredibly useful and eliminate much awkwardness. That's the thing. Such awkwardness needs to be eliminated before the genre can move forward. Honestly, before Indy, it was a genre I didn't like at all.
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