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Nemo: I've identified a spot where you can set up an excellent ambush. *a hologram comes up of a patch of land* The convoy will pass through this valley here. It's fairly open, just low foilage. There's five hillocks surrounding it, covered with brush and tall trees.

Katori: We can hide out there. We'll place the charges where they're sure to trip them, and when they're stopped and distracted, we use the missile launchers to take out the walkers. Careful with your fire, though. The convoy's carrying supplies we'll want of this resistance is to succeed.

*Man, dressed as a mercernary, sporting a lightly armored vest* Guerilla warefare. Gotta love it.

Katori: You bet, Gatten. Now, let's go deal with the Imp.

*the group goes outside to where Chavez is hanging in a net*

Katori: Okay, buddy, who are you? Who sent you?

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