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((Lol - anyone remember Cantina 5 and the thing with the Imperial boots? ))

*Rwos is slowly turning his fighter around, trying to avoid dealing out any more environmental damage, when suddenly the ship is given a massive jolt*

What in seven hells?

*Rwos does a scan of his ship. Nothing is touching it; it is hovering on its repulsors*

That doesn't make any sense...

*Rwos sarts to get out to look for himself when the ship is given an even bigger jolt. Rwos falls back in his seat and looks out the windows to see a tree branch drawing back like a fist, the shooting towards his fighter again. The impact knocks the ship sideways*


*A shadow falls over Deac(1). He is nudged by a small finger, then a very strange creature moves into his field of vision.

It looked something like a cross between a praying mantis and a gorilla. Or rather, a praying mantis warped into the shape of a gorilla. Its arms were longer than its legs, and it moved like an ape, except with hands spread and only the fingers touching the ground. Its body was mostly covered with what looked like light green armor. It had what looked like bright blue wings on its back, but they were much too small for it to fly. Its face was mantis-shaped and looked vaguely insectile, with twitchy antenna and a partial armor covering. Its snout had clicking mandibles like an insect, but also lips like a mammal. Its eyes had bright blue irises and were full of expression, in this case a mixture of concern, curiosity and fright. Crouched over over Deac's body, the creature reached only four feet, but it could probably rear up to about six.

It was altogether a very singular-looking being.*

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