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*Night side of Mrear. The dark quiet is disturbed abruptly by a bright blue portal opening out of nowhere in the middle of a grassy field. Two figures step out.

The first is seven feet tall. He is a male gargoyle, of an English race. Blue-green skin, naturally white hair, a face almost like a human's except for the double-spiked ridges replacing eyebrows and the two prongs forming the end of the long chin. His hairstyle resembles a whipped-cream topping, ending in a drooping point that seemed to be supported by some sort of constant static energy. His body was built like that of a bodybuilder, but he still managed to appear thin due to his height and the fact that his feet, like those of all gargoyles, caused him to seem to perch, birdlike on the ground. They looked vaguely dinosaurian, with three main toes and another pronglike, replacing the heel of the foot and held off the ground. His body weight was thus directed forward, but counterbalanced by a heavy tail and large bat-like wings. His elbows bore spikes. His fingers and toes ended in claws. The translucent claws were similar to pointed fingernails in the way they wrapped around the end of the digits, except much stronger.

The second is a human girl, about five and a half feet tall. She has black hair and green eyes, and looks about 19.

The gargoyle looks around, seemingly a little disturbed at his location and annoyed at something else. The human girl looks self-conscious.

Gargoyle: Are you feeling alright.

Girl: Are you sure this is the only way?

Gargoyle: Besides the obvious choice of---

Girl: No. I refuse to do that.

Gargoyle: Then yes, this is the only way.

*The pair recedes from sight as the portal closes. The land is once again shrouded in darkness*

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