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*Kurt slaps himself in the face a few times and guzzles a very hot cup of joe, nearly screaming in pain...*

Kurt grabing his Helmet: "ALRIGHT! ALRIGHT IM COMMING!!"

*Kurt jumps inot his flight suit. Still a little worried...*

Kurt: "Aw man, I know this day would come... ****."

*Kurt runs to the hangers, and trips over the same protocol droid...*

Kurt: "Argh..."

Hanger Officer to Kurt: "Okay, you in charge?"

Kurt: "Well, no."

HO: "Don't matter, when the rest of your squad gets out, your to all pilot those..." *Points to some remaining speeders and a-wings...*

Kurt: "Great... No X-wings?"

HO: "Not yet. we have some ready, how ever a few are being repaired in double time. Your squad is gonna have to hold them off til your desenated fighters are ready..."

*Kurt runs to Tel*

Kurt: "They won't let us have any X's yet, just speeders. The HO told me we have to hold them off... Where's Boss?"
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