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Vampiric Comsultant: "My Lord, Annual Sales increased by 3.25%, Production increased by 7.5%..."

Vampiric Lord: "Alright for the start for the sales year..."

*The Vampiric Lord's name was none other then Janos Vorador. Nearly legond to all Vampires in this time. Nearly the most powerful, Not only in the Vampiric Dark Gifts, but also with the Living world as well. Unlike his fledgeling counterparts he is mostly more immune to the effect of sunlight, although it weakens him as he is still a nocturnal creature, sunlight is bearable, neather the less, his body is more frail in the light...*

Yes even some Vampires can be in sunlight, it all matters how your created ^_~

Vorador talking to himself: "For ages I've seen our businesses build up. Frankly I morn that the sweet taste of fear in the human blood, I can't bear to try and drink once more. Vampirical purges start the most easily that way... I'm going out..."

*Vorador stands, then crosses his arms across his chest and vanishes.*
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