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please remember that money is only paper and copper and stuff, but it's still valuable. the way you'r going on, putting a price on everything (like threads) it seems to me that these credits could become more than just a little fun. we have to watch what we do with these and be careful not to make everything available via credits, this is meant to be a free site.

in other words, i think we should have freedom to post threads without paying for them. and what about maybe a newbie who just wants to post something really important to say (maybe some guy has inside information about a new game). well in order to post it, he'd either ahev to put it in an already open thread, or post ni a thread and waith to get 5 credits. no, i think of this as a bad idea, we shouldn't put a price on everything. plus, this just seems like a way to make things easier for mods, yes, it is a hard job, but if someone post a usekless thread, it's up to the mod to close it.

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