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*Rwos starts his ship and flies right through the attacking tree as its branches move out of the way in preparation to strike. A couple fist-branches hit his ship on the way, but none of them do any damage*

If the trees on this planet are that dangerous, I'd hate to see the actual wildlife...

Oh. My. God.

*The interference with Rwos' scanners suddenly rocketed up. But that wasn't what Rwos had seen to startle him so badly.

What he'd seen was the hull of a gigantic, pale red crashed starship; smoke still curling upwards, half crumpled from the impact. But that wasn't what had shocked him, either.

What had shocked him was what he recognized the ship to be.

The Gallyava! Here? Oh, this is bad. Very bad.

*Rwos landed his ship and got out. As he got closer to the smoking hulk he could see dead, green bodies*

Very, very bad.

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