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*Odin was reading a book, when an officer comes into his quaters with information.*

Odin: Fine, send a message to Cracken telling him to advance his schedule, give him the latest information about the CSII. Also execute the secondary planes.

Officer: Yes sir.

*Shortly after Odin's decsion a valkyr leaves a message for Cracken on his computer, leaving no trace that she was ever there.*


*Around the same time, muffled voices could be heard down the corridor from the cell Deac and the others were kept in. After a minute or two a guard and a woman walk towards their cell. The guard opens the cell, whereupon the woman injects the guard knocking him unconscious.*

Valkry: Me lord had ordered me to set you free and deliver this to you. *Handing Flax a disk* This contains all the information you will need to launch an attack against the CSII. The other guards have been taken care of. However, it won't be long before their disappearnce is noticed. I suggest you hurry. The rest of your escape is up to you. *to Flax, and Deac* An old friend sends his greeting and whishes you the best of luck.

*Without another word the Valkyr turns and leaves. It seemed like she was never there*

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