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ZOMG It's Kookee!
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RH Irvine: "I feel the presence on his ship, a few of them, One of them might be one of our partners... Hold on..."


Kur: "Alright lets get out of here!"

*Kur jumps up and takes one step out the door before he stops dead in his tracks...*


RH Irvine<Kur? Is that you I sense?>

Kur: "Hey! Deac, Orthos, and uh, Flax was it? Some one is talking to me throught the force, its one of my buddies... He's a strong fellow..." <"Irvy?>

RH Irvine: <Yes Its me, whats going on?>

Kur: <"Myself, Orthos Starkiller, Deac Starkiller, and this Flax got caught by Lokpehit, we all lost to him, how ever if we all fight him together...">

RH Irvine: <Not yet, I want you four to stur things up in there to distract them all so me, Sir'Gui and a few others can get there. We do however need you to make sure that we can get into thier hangers>

Kur: <"Alright"> *turn to group* "Hey, I have friends comming, our best is going to be with them, He asked to stur things up here to give him time to get here. Also for that to happen he says he needs to get into the hangers..."


RH Irvine: "My people are very reliable. We shouldn't have much trouble getting there..."
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