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A few more ideas:

Make the "off" hilt stay in the belt, I'm tired of carrying it in the hand :P

Maybe Force Sense (replacement for Force Seeing) could give some kind of Spiderman's danger sense, showing the force sight icon or something when somebody is aiming at you, or there's a projectile going to your direction, or, the harder (I think) idea, would be showing the path of the projectiles (ie a blue line, like the mine laser seen with force sight) so you know where will they go so you can dodge them.

I think animation priorities should be reworked, ie. is a little weird when someone is trying to hit you with a heavy slash, you cut them with a fast slash, and they almost don't notice (i know they sometimes do, but not always, and this is in the case they are not able to dodge and they don't die from 1 hit), i think i said it before but the dodge animation seems to almost always replace the blocking animation,
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