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Name- ckcsaber
Race- Human
Birthplace- Unknown
Age- Early 20's
Occupation- Gambler
Rank- None
Force abilitiles-NONE

BTW- My avatar IS my character

History- ckcsaber is a very mysterious person. His birthplace is unknown even to him. He was brought up in a orphanage in the heart of a bright jewel AKA Ord Mantell. Leaving the orphanage around the age of 11, he became a gambler, from bar to bar, scrounging for credits. On one occasion, he joined a game of dice, a primitive game not played much in the galaxy. After winning the game he kept the dice, which have brought him luck ever since. After gaining enogh credits with his lucky dice, ckcsaber bought passage off Ord Mantell and made his way to Correllia. Now 17 ckcsaber was an experianced Gambler, and had uncanny luck when gambling. He won his trademark Hat, a thing of legends, from gambling. Once he had enough credits to buy a ship, he bought himself a modified Z95 headhunter and set off to make the galaxy his oyster. Once, he made his way across the galaxy to Yavin 4. Guarded by Jedi, ckcsaber was reluctant to land ship, but he yearned to see the fabeled planet, so ckcsaber landed in the middle of a dense jungle apart from the the Jedi temples. Wanting to explore ckcsaber set off down a cave he spotted, where he found a statue clutching an odd spear with a vibroblade tip. The shaft was made out of a very peculiar metal, one ckcsaber had never seen before. And on the haft were very strange markings all the way down to the bottom of the haft. Mesmerized, ckcsaber yanked the spear out and ran all the way back to his headhunter and blasted off.

Appearance( Look at avatar)

Black eyes
Black Hair
Green Coat


Corstasis Ore Vibro Spear
Lucky dice
Brown hat
Small handheld blaster (rarely used)
Modified z-95 Headhunter
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