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yeah, but they also used to not charge for name changes. anyway, putting it in the store would let the users who aren't even aware that there is a main feedback fourm the idea to make thier own smilies. and who knows, maybe there are some great graphic artists out there who have untapped potential... or something. anyway, paying for it might encourge the admins to be a little less stingy about which smilies they approve. (out of all the smiles in that one thread that someone, i think it was zbomber, made about smiles only a few were added)

Originally posted by Rogue9
KIRK "How'd you get rid of them Scotty"
SCOTTY "Why I used that transporters Sir"
KIRK "You didn't..."
SCOTTY "No, Sir I didn't beam them over to the Klingons, even they don't deserve that"
KIRK "Then How..."
SCOTTY "I Spaced the Little Buggers, Didn't seem right to foist 'em off on the Klingons, after all nothing is more evil than a ewok"
KIRK "Excellent Decision Scotty, I'm putting you in for a Comendation.
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