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A solitary figure sits in a chair in front of the glowing embers of a dying fire, staring at the glow as if in a trance.

A winged shadow creeps up along the wall, slowly falling further and further over him...

The figure speaks*

Vampire hearing. I already know you're here, K'Warra K'laar.

K'Warra: Trenadoc. So pleased that you remember me.

Trenadoc: *turns* You're looking awfully good for being eight hundred years old. *sniffs* I smell...human blood. *The girl emerges from the shadows. The vampire leers at her*

K'Warra: I need to find someone.

Trenadoc: In exchange for what?

K'Warra: In exchange for me doing you the favor of leaving you alone.

Trenadoc: Don't insult me...tell you what. *points* I'll take the girl.
Haven't tasted human blood in a long time.

K'Warra: *laughs* I don't think so.

Trenadoc: Didn't think you'd agree...well, you had your chance.

*Trenadoc leaps to his feet and snarls. His face transforms, his brow growing larger, eyes more wolfish, and long teeth growing from his mouth*

Now I kill you both for trespassing and get two meals.

*Trenadoc leaps at K'Warra with astonishing agility, foot flying. K'Warra ducks it and knocks the vampire out of the way. Trenadoc charges him again, and K'Warra hits him, knocking him across the room*

Trenadoc: You've changed a bit. Anything to do with whatever's let you live for, oh seven centuries too long?

*K'Warra grabs Trenadoc by the neck and shoves him up one-handed against the wall. Tren grins* What are you going to do, choke me to death? I'm a vampire, remember? I don't need to breath.

*In response, K'Warra lifts his other hand. He raises his hand and with a motion, coal dust lifts from the fireplace and forms into the shape of a sword in his palm. The sword illuminates with bright blue energy. K'Warra presses it to the vampire's throat* But you need your head on your body, don't you?

Trenadoc: *hesitates, then when K'Warra presses the sword closer he speaks* You're a little late. Kvana died two c..centuries ago.

K'Warra: Did he leave an apprentice?

Trenadoc: Yes...but good luck getting to him.

K'Warra: What do you mean?

Trenadoc: He's one of Vorador's flunkies. Nasty people really, if I do say so myself.

K'Warra: Vorador?

Trenadoc: Boss of a vampire guild. Controls some kind of barely-legal syndicate. Rumors have it he's some kind of super vampire. Many say he's immortal. Everyone says he's the kind of sleazy bastard you want to avoid. *grins testingly* Maybe a friend of yours?

*K'Warra drops him on the floor* Whatever. I'm going to go look for this heir of Kvana's. And if I find out you've been telling me fairy tales, I'll be back by the beginning of next week to ensure you're a pile of dust on the floor.

*K'Warra stalks out of the room. The girl waits for a moment, glaring at the sulking vampire on the floor, then follows*


"K'Warra K'laar is back in Mrear."


"Yes. K'laar is a gargoyle mage who had some shady business here, oh...eight hundred or so years ago."

"Eight hundred years?"

"No joke."

"Gargoyles normally live to be only two hundred."

"You seem very well researched. There hasn't been a gargoyle in Mrear for, oh, five hundred years..."

"I do my research."

"Well. They say K'laar was looking for a device to make him immortal. Perhaps he found it..."


"He also has a human with him. I don't know anything about her. However, the fact does seem rather unusual, given his recorded modus operani."

"Alot can change in eight centuries. In any know what to do."

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