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Other bonuses of zQuake:

* Runs compressed ".qwz" demos - my 100MB+ of demos went down to less than 20MB after compression. Get hold of "Qizmo" and compress yours today...
* Does the aforementioned slow-motion replays.
* You can host a QuakeWorld server while playing on it. At the same time! On the same computer! Super.
* ...and it has the aforementioned better graphics. The main advantage of these "better graphics" for me is that the fog makes everything lighter...

As for autoexec files, you can just create 'em and fill them with stuff you want set up every time you run Quake, like dodgy cheating aliases and things.

So, Unreal Tournament, er, tournament eh? bgbennyboy mentioned it, and we might just do it. What do you think?

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