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Theres three games people should paly in order to understand Vorador, (which i based him more on of course... ) Blood Omen 1 and two also Soul Reaver II all three in the the same series. which i believe only Kain and Vorador were the only Vampires who can Walk in the daylight, Vorador being well over serveral millina old and Kain the only sole vampire whom was resurrected as a vampire (killed as human, went to hell)
"Everyone says he's the kind of sleazy bastard you want to avoid."
looks like red's got the right idea, unless he got a quite the lucky guess ^___^

Vorador walking the old streets alone: "Oh, I can remember the days when all my meals where chained to the walls of my "Dining Hall". Heh Ha Ha Ha. Too bad I can't do such no more..The only fools I can bare to feast upon are the pity criminals and thugs who dare plague the streets. BAH! I'm hardly sated!" *crosses arms and disappears...*
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