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I haven't checked out the current hit detection system so I'm not sure I can do much to improve it.

Anyway, the plan is to totally "redo" the saber system into "Stances" and "Aggression Modes".

Stances will be different style/school sets of moves (NOTE: These will probably just be rehashes of the current moves until someone figures out a way to add new animations.) ALL stances will be pretty much the same (-+ 25% stat difference, tops) so this will be more of a style choice than anything else.

Aggression Modes are the new bread and butter of the saber system. Aggression is made up of three modes (Defense/Neutral/Attack).


The Basic mode. This mode is for beginners or people that don't want to do the whole Attack/Defend strategy. While in Neutral mode, you can attack and defend (auto-blocking). The special ability of this mode is to be able to "block" attacks while doing attack moves (See the arena fight in Episode II.) (To make this look good, we'll probably have to make bolts that are "blocked" autotrack to blade. This shouldn't be noticeable at the current bolt speeds.) This mode is best for fighting in a gun battle.


You CAN'T attack in this mode. Instead, you use Primary to do Active Blocking. Active Blocking is where you boost your combat stats (block, deflection, parry, etc rating) by clicking Primary just as an attack is coming it. The closer the click is to the impact time, the more your stats are improved. This abilty will obviously have a recharge time to prevent spamming.


In this mode, the autoblock rate will be little to none. However, your attack skills are boosted in exchange (damage, defense break, saber lock, etc.). There will probably be some other advantages (say, make "finisher" moves only work in this mode.)

These changes are set up to make saber more rythmic (based on changing aggression postiers than a rock-paper-scissor or red beats all system.) Neutral lets "lite" players still enjoy the game while Attack/Defense provide deep gameplay for the experts.

Other changes will probably involve slower saber swings, a total redo of the unrealistic, unbalances "specials", Saber Clashes (replaces Saber Locks with a more tactical system based on reflex and smart thinking instead of button mashing), and "Finishers" (basically "cool ways to kill your defeated foes")

Note that this is all long-term planning that won't all be done tomorrow. The project will gradually go in that direction as things progress.

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