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Ord Katraasi

Homeworld of Klai Finn. Nothing more than a barren desert world with a few exotic spaceports, including: Dolkas Hed (Imperial Capital) and the Katraasi Spaceport (Largest Spaceport, featured in MotS).

There is a salty river poisoness to the native Katrassi running through a region know as the La Diabla Badlands. Rivals' Takara and Ka'pa the Hutt's bases are located within this area in opposite hemisheres.

The planet is ruled by Imperial Governor, Moff Siranius, who is corrupt and has been bribed by Takara's top Lt., Abron Mar, to set a bounty for the capture of Abron's brother and former Imperial Mercenary, Klai Finn.

Ka'Pa, swayed to the side of the Rebels by Mara Jade, has sent word to Klai that he will provide any neccesary help in Klai's attempt to break into Takara's base and take out the Kingpin and his goon, Abron Mar.

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