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well whats-his-name was a preatty decent pilot. heh he even fooled wedge into thinking he was Fel. but the real 181st is the best, that is after dictorite (Sp) quit commanding and instead went into running a black market op for old alderaanian products

Originally posted by Rogue9
KIRK "How'd you get rid of them Scotty"
SCOTTY "Why I used that transporters Sir"
KIRK "You didn't..."
SCOTTY "No, Sir I didn't beam them over to the Klingons, even they don't deserve that"
KIRK "Then How..."
SCOTTY "I Spaced the Little Buggers, Didn't seem right to foist 'em off on the Klingons, after all nothing is more evil than a ewok"
KIRK "Excellent Decision Scotty, I'm putting you in for a Comendation.
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