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Interview with Tierra and Frogwares in The Inventory

The Inventory 3 have some VIP guests this month in the celebrity corner. Tierra, the dedicated team that has ressurected the king's quest series talk about their past, present and future in a 15 page interview.

Along with Tierra The Inventory gets some insight in Ariane, a heroine that tries to be an adventure queen along with April Ryan and Kate Walker. I am talking about the new 3rd person point and click adventure of Frogwares, called Journey to the center of the Earth, that is based on the Jules Verne novel. The interview reveals what this game will be all about.

Apart from the interviews there will be reviews of Law and Order, Pharaoh's curse and a review tribute to Gabriel Knight 3. If you want to check out the cover and more info about The Inventory you can visit

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