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hey ewok - you can go to and use image tags to put a smiley into your post. They have hundreds there!!

So..why would you want to buy a smiley if you can just put it there through image tags?

I want to see what bigger avi's mean. For people like me - I'm personally not going to buy a bigger avi and I'm sure most people won't. Just the avi peeps like sivy b.

As far as paying to post a thread....Ack. That's what moderators are for - to control the evil and retarded threads.

I think you should be able to customize the colors of the forum. Kinda like on msn...or you know..instead of this purple we can pick our own colors.

I also like the glowy name for the um what'cha macalate.. crap the thing under your user name. But I think that should be earned through post count.

The "rating" thing could work out but I don't think people are really aware of it. I think that it could work well.


You know on you earn points by winning and then you pay some points to be entered in a drawing. I don't really remember what you win. But maybe we could have drawings for things like bigger avatars or etc. That would control how many people got bigger avi's or things like "mod" for a day or what have you

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