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Stackpole rules!!!!!

I read XW1 & XW2, but the 3rd one sucked so never got onto the 4th one....

I like the ones with Jaina and Jacen. Easy to read a lot in little time and full of adventure. Thrawn Trilogy is great too.

Oooh! Ohhh! Rouge Planet rocks alongside of Darth Maul: Shadow Hunter. Read 'em if you haven't. Shadow Hunter is an all out, non-stop, action packed book following a Jedi, a Scoundrel, Darth Maul (duh!), a bounty hunter, and for a couple chapters, a Neimodian traitor. Excellent!
And Rouge Planet is the prequel to the NJO sorta. No real appearance by the Vong, but they are indeed the invaders. Vergere is in it.

NJO all together is probably the best. Have only read first two though ....

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