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Return To The Hungry Hobo Cantina

OOC: Hey fella's, this is my first RP thread in this forum so show me sympathy. Anyway, this thread is as open as they come, so feel free to jump in whenever you want and take the story where you please. The only other rule is.... well..... party down!
BTW: This cantina has a lot of history (Especially with Bastalek), it's been blown up twice (Not completely), had somewhere in the area of six gunfights, as well as having a starship crash into it. So just remember, there is nothing this place hasn't seen.

IC: Bastalek slowly pulled up on his swoop, the night sky shimmering off of the chrome parts. The light from near by stars dimmly lit the ground, along with the old street lights which looked to be in need of replacement. The Hungry Hobo Cantina, it had felt like an eternity since Bastalek had seen it's doors. The weld marks on the doors were almost new, and the scorch marks hadn't even been painted over or washed off. All of the memories that flooded into Bastalek's mind drew a smile cross his face.
Hoping off his swoop Bastalek paced towards the bar doors, dull cracking sound of gravel on his boots following his every move. Dim, yellow light oozed from the port-hole windows set in the doors. As he walked fumes from the liquor and cigarettes almost made his eys water. "Mmmmmmmm, the Hungry Hobo, home to the cheapest, strongest drinks you'll ever be able to find."
Proceding further into the cantina Bastalek slowly gazed around the room, noticing the several unsavory characters enjoying a drink or a smoke at one of the many bar tables. Bastalek slowly walked to the bar, taking the same seat he had the night he began his excursion to take down the Red Python. The bar railing was even the same, only the warped part had been hammered back into place. As he sat down a droid rambled up in front of Bastalek, sputtering, "Would you like a drink sir?"

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