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AlThugh-Ar: It all started years ago. we have been at war with some goblin tribes, since they invaded one of the 3 vilages that belong to the White Orcs. Eventually we managed to reocupy our 3rd village and rebild it. But the goblins never left. They made camps at the foot of our mountains, threatenning our safety. One day they simply left. Only one sentinel saw them leaving, and according to them, the goblins left in quite a hurry. The next morning that sentinel died from some sort of sickness that spread out quickly through the villages. Crops and animals all died shortly after. A dark cloud hangs over our villages, and it seems to grow heavier every day. we left the villages and now we are camping around the area of the 3 villages. this seems to have slowed down the speed of the curse, but my race will soon die if we dont find a way to lift this curse. Our elders have decided to send the strongest and healthiest in search of help. That is y im here, but so far i have found nothing but discrimination.


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