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lets seeee here,ok i have 12 of the 12" figures including, clone trooper,c-3po,watto(6 inch),darth maul on speeder,darth maul electronic,boba fett (kb exclusive),inperial officer,jango fett,count dooku,super battle droid,dengar,and im getting zukus for valentines day . i have well over 750 figures now since i had about 700 in september and a collection is never finished so i go to collector shops and stores and order online , im missing two saga thing from 2002 and they are yoda and clone delux,so there is alot to add to the count also i bought so many older ones its sick so now im in det even though last nite i ordered dash rendar and swoop trooper mint, lol about 40 $ later and im in about 60 $ debt(only from mom).

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