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Here's some things I noticed a while ago when playing the mod..

Changing the alt-fire on the Blaster was a very good idea. I kept gettings bots spam alt-fire at close range making it quite impossible to block with a saber. Alt-fire was too powerful and I've never seen any blasters in the SW movies fire that fast (Chewie does fire a blaster quite fast in ANH, but it didn't have the punch and speed of the current games alt-fire) On most occassions the alt-fire on the blaster was able to push DFAs backwards due to the power of the blasts.

The only thing I dislike in the 1st release is gunners being able to dodge. The dodge animation seems more Jedi-like than the whole SW universe being able to manipulate the Force and dodge Matrix-style. I think the idea of adding a class-based system like ProMod; in which you can give points to selected abilites. Dodge could be apart of Level 3 jump? Who knows, but it would be a lot easier if Jedi could only dodge. Having bots with rocket launchers dodge every DFA that comes their way can be tedious and unfair.

This doesn't mean having dodge as a force power, maybe having it like roll and kick. Gunners can't roll or kick while holding weapons; but saberists / Jedi can. Luke does quite a fair bit of ducking and dodging in ROTJ apon Jabba's Sail Barge, while most of the 'bad-guys' stand around getting killed, not dodging.

Gunners / Mercs / Bountys / Whatever they call themselves
should have a targetting system since the Jedi get dodge. Maybe a meter which can control the power of the attack. I think a good example of this is Jango Fett. In EPII, we see him eliminate Colman Trebor with his Westar blaster. Could he have increased the power of the blasts? It didn't seen him changed the range or speed of the blasts, so maybe a power meter would be benificial for both Jedi and Mercs.

On a good note, the dodge is very useful and a nice addition to the game. It does make lightsabre dueling more challenging and keeps you alive a lot longer against gunners.
If you miss a DFA, other special, or a strike with your saber; the dodge is usually there as backup. I don't see any problems with the dodge system so far.

One more thing. This maybe a bug; but it happened while testing the mod out...
Is this meant to happen?
(No damage and 100% accuracy )
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