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@ Zbomber: yes

@ boinga1: most likely yeah... but as you know... they werent a realy fighter squadron.. more of a commande squadron.

@ Parrakarry: nope.... 3 books
x-wing book number 5. Wraith Squadron
x-wing book number 6. Iron Fist
x-wing book number 7. Solo Command

@ Redwing: hey .... how could i not do this ... i'd be sick or dieing if i didnt

@ Rogue 15:
Eurrsk Thri'ag
this Bothan male, a native of the planet Bothawui, was one of the first pilots to make the grade and serve with Wraith Squadron. Among the members of the squadron, he was known as "Grinder." He distinguished by his silvery fur, and became the squadron's code-slicer and one of the best of their practial jokers. In the battle that destroyed the Implacable over Ession, Grinder took a laser blast from the dying Star Destroyer and was killed.

what is up?
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