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Originally posted by Ratmjedi
Have any of you read the Black Fleet Crisis?

I think that this is my favorite Trilogy of Eu excluding Ep IV, V , VI.
It really is a good series and I enjoyed it very much. I like the way that you get to read more about Lando and his adventures and there is a lot of action too.

GACK! i banish you from the thread! be GONE!

ok im kidding. i suppose we all deserve our own opinions... but since i started the thread im gonna say that i think your opinion is wrong maybe its just my odd hatred for lando, i just dont know.

it had too much politics, if you ask me the only good thing in that series of books was the gigantic battle near the end. oh and it bothered me how according to that book Padme (only referred to as lukes mom) was force senesitive and left for some mystical clan group thing. it just bothered me.

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