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i have these sets:

UCS - TIE Interceptor
UCS - X-Wing
UCS - Tantive IV rebel blockade runner
Vader's TIE / Y-Wing
TIE Fighter
Twin Pod Cloud Thingy
Final Duel 1 X 5
Final Duel 2
Jango's Slave 1
Jedi starfighter
the Maul vs Qui-gon set
Bounty hunter Persuit
Yoda vs Dooku set
Anakin vs Sandpeople set
Ewok Attack
Droid Escape
Imperial Shuttle
Jedi Defence 1 and 2 (obi and quigon vs droids and droidekas)
Minifig Set #2 (Han solo, Boba Fett, Black hooded Luke)

and i have purchased off of e-bay :
tatooine luke
old ben kanobi
20 battle droids

...jesus...i've gone a little silly with it now that i can see it all listed like that.

i have every character i need except LEIA god damn it, and not this new fandangled Leia in her undies either, i want A NEW HOPE Leia .................

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